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Two sites: Subramoney and JagoInvestor


Gotta mention this – was reading again today, and this guy is good. As much as he focusses on the negative side – which I like, because I think there’s a scarcity of skeptics in the markets – he writes short and succinct articles. For the last few months he’s been writing regularly, and has a fairly good connection with industry. It turns out he lives just a few minutes away from where I used to live in Navi Mumbai, but I didn’t know him then! Do read.

Another site I’ve been itching to mention is – on personal finance. Manish Chauhan decodes elements of personal finance, from ULIPs to tax-saving funds to what-not.

I have absolutely no hidden reasons to recommend the above sites. Of course if they were hidden reasons, I wouldn’t be telling you, but still. I will warn you though. They’re darn addictive for the first-time visitor.


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