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Food Inflation at 14.75%, Scary revisions 2%+

Primary articles inflation (mainly food) was announced at 14.75% but as usual what is worry is the restatement of past data. Primary articles inflation of 18th June was revised to 16.92% up from the earlier reported14.75%. Click the below figures for more.

India Primary Articles Inflation at 14.75% image

That just means the latest figure could be revised to as much as 2% higher. We’re inflating much higher than we’re being told? At least at the food level.

  • Anonymous says:

    >In your post – Investment myths, you have mentioned that Bharti Airtel has issued 180 crore shares but on BSE website, it is mentioned that they have issued that much shares to promoters only, the total shareholding is around 380 crore. Could you kindly explain the source ?