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Holiday Break


I’m taking a week off in the mountains and with flaky internet access, won’t be able to post much.

Markets seem to be getting slowly interesting, just like the football, and I’m expecting some serious volatility in July. The European debt crisis looks like it’s still willing to roil global markets, and there is a sense of perceived lack of growth in the US markets and China. In India we still are steaming ahead with inflation staying high, and fuel price increases will make it stay that way.

Smallcaps and mid-caps seem to be forging ahead, and I think we’re again coming to a point where there’s distribution in the large caps and accumulation in the mid-caps. Must be careful – it’s going to be a good ride, and it’s going to stop abruptly, but no point predicting when; either participate or look away.

I’ll check back in a few days later. Meanwhile, enjoy the monsoon!


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