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Global – Double Dip Recessions, HFT, Vuvuzelas

Today’s depressing news:

Hussman funds making the case for a double dip recession in the US.

Big Picture has four different takes on a double dip.

Neal Boudette/Sharon Terlep in the WSJ: Auto-Sales Optimism Fades. “Fleet sales are up 32%, while sales to individual customers at dealerships have increased just 13%.” Retail’s not moving.

Bloomberg: Greece’s rating cut to junk by Moodys.

Institutional investor on High Frequency Trading. The outrage is starting to show, and it’s very likely that the next few years will see a dramatic reduction in frequency – we’ll see automated, for sure, but it is likely to become very unprofitable to trade in and out very fast.

One attempt to filter out the vuvuzela noise. The world cup is better on mute, it seems!