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Deepak Shenoy Talks: Nifty P/E and EPS Growth, FII Buying and more…

The next in the Deepak Shenoy Talks series:


  • India saw the first down week after 9 continuous up-weeks, from the lows of 4667 on the Nifty. But regardless of this week’s 100 point fall (2%), FIIs continue to buy; they have had net buys in the market since Feb 26, or for 32 continuous days! This is the longest continuous stretch of FII buying since 2004, from when the data has been provided.
  •  Nifty’s P/E still is at 22.78, despite the recent fall. The EPS has fallen to 231 from a high of 235 recently, and I can’t find much reason for the 2% drop; Infy’s results marginally impacted it, but the market cap changes and weightages would impact it more. Still, here’s the chart:


The video has more. Thanks for watching!

(I’ve attempted a music intro – that’s Strunz and Farah – and slightly better edited audio. Please let me know what you think)

  • Manshu says:

    >Awesome! I felt that this video was better than the last one. I think you spoke a little slower, which helped follow you easily too.

  • Brijesh says:


    This was succint , simple and jargon free. One could've explored more on the Nifty EPS and PE comparison. ( well.. that's something which is perceptive ). Welcome addtion of the events this week. Good editing and welcome background score.

  • Roshan says:

    >Hi Deepak
    Very informative as usual..the think some more tuning with the sound systems needs to be done like some amplification..not sure whats it called.

    found it too technical though. could you simplify a concepts a bit? or is it aimed at fundoo investors?

  • Srikanth Meenakshi says:


    Great – technically much better than last week, loved the intro montage…:-)

    The Nifty PE/EPS segment was interesting, the FII segment seemed a bit hurried…



  • Anonymous says:

    >Hey Deepak,
    The videos are awesome, keep up the good work.
    And yes, this video is better than the previous one because it is smaller.

    Vinayaka CA

  • LARRY says:

    >Nice attempt….good narration…it would have been more impressive if the sound quality was better.

  • Manish says:

    >Hi Deepak,

    Good video and narration sems OK to me though a bit of clarity will make it even more superb. How did you calculate normalize PE? Is it the trailing PE??

  • karna says:

    >Hi deepak,

    I read your blog daily…but the video which you posted i could not open in my office i tried it in mozilla and microsoft internet explorer….so i would like to see the last two videos in text format.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Lekkala says:

    >Hi Deepak..excellent presentation…

    We see that FII were net buyers for 32 days..but can you spot a pattern where there net buying is decreased from april 2nd week on..and yesterday huge selling amount can be understandable with respect to SEC descision on friday …but today i also i see they are net sellers even though markets were + with respect to RBI policy…Can we see any change in FII behaviour in coming days..

  • Oracle says:

    >Its better. Better if you get someone to shoot your talk. More impact.