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“Atlas Invested” On Yahoo. By Me.


Starting next week, I’ll be writing a weekly column called “Atlas Invested” at Yahoo India. (Amit’s Announcement and his first piece)

Writing in on weekly and fortnightly schedules are nine people who are, in comparison with me, gurus. Mohit Satyanand is a great guy and a fabulous writer, Amit Varma is one India’s most powerful bloggers, Nitin Pai is a foreign affairs genius, Aadisht Khanna and Anand Ramachandran brilliant with humour. Girish Shahane and Ashok Malik will write about the political world, Jai Arjun Singh on movies and Sanjay Sipahimalani on books. The columns will be great reads.

I’ll be writing in on the gravy train of finance and markets, talking about the various things that are seemingly complex but, when broken down into constituent parts, are easily understandable. And in the process, make it an easy read, in the style I’m used to – with the eccentricities of the author you know as Deepak Shenoy.

If you see me becoming arrogant, or simplistic or off-base, I request that you beat me up (only in words!) by commenting on this blog or sending me an email (deepakshenoy at gmail). I’m very excited about the column, and I hope it’s as exciting for you to read.


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