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3000 feed readers. Thank you.

This blog now has 3000 feed readers, according to Feedburner.

Thank you very much for reading. While I don’t like the concept of rating someone by pure numbers, it does make me happy to know so many people find me worthy of their time. As always, your comments are deeply appreciated. Gotta write more. Gotta do better.

[I’m going to be starting a business soon. On markets, education, information, trading and making great returns. I will keep you posted, and this blog will continue as is.]

  • Susmit says:

    >Great … congrats
    The articles are really good and i always wonder how can u produce this kind of analysis…
    The most imp is ur education imitative (i was waiting for this from since long time)

    Shall look forward


  • Manish says:

    >Congrats Deepak and all the best for your forthcoming venture. Looking forward to great analysis from you….

  • Rathin Shah says:

    >all the best

  • Gautam says:

    >Hey Deepak, thank you for all the wonderful articles you write. Also, all the best on your new venture. Your venture sounds a bit connected to the situation of a cousin of mine, who is thinking of applying for a sub-broking account. His story goes like this. My cousin earns his livelihood by running an artificial flower and home decorations’ shop. Being a shop, he has free time to spare during morning working hours as there is very few customer walk-ins. So, Due to his higher aspirations, and after hearing many good things about the trading share business from his relatives (where one relative was able to actually earn Rs.40 lac from one transaction on a lucky day!), he decided to take the plunge and start a trading account.

    It has been 6 months now since he started trading and now has about 3 trading accounts with different trading firms. He merely takes tips from the firm’s executives and makes the call whether to buy or not, whether to hold or sell. I am assuming he is a bit hooked to it, and may be earns about Rs.10,000/- a month or may be more or less. But, the way he sees it is that as he has the free time and it doesn’t hurt to earn that extra money.

    But, like I said, he has high aspirations he plans to become a sub-broker for one of the firms and start trading for himself as well as many of his trusted friends (me included). As his shop is among many other shop owners and workers who trust him, he feels if by only tips if he himself can earn anything up to Rs.10,000/-, then by being a sub-broker and having many trading accounts under him(of other people he knows in his locality who may not have as much time as him, but after seeing that their Rs.10,000/- initial investment in a trading account could earn them up to around Rs.1000/- a month or more), he can multiply his earnings a month.

    But, at the same time he has realized that trading is quite nerve wrecking and intense. He also realizes that trading is very volatile and unpredictable. And so, in the end going for the sub-broking account has made him think hard (due to the initial deposit and hiring a professional share trading guy who knows how to work on the terminal) and his plans to multiply his earnings are postponed. What I get out of this and what I want to share with you is, it is quite easy for a lot of us who have access to read your and many other articles on investments online and make informed decisions, but I doubt same is true for many middle class people and workers (aam aadmi) to do the same. They are still putting there money in LIC or bank FDs. I felt its only through people at their level, like my cousin, who can may be persuade them to make investment in shares. Yes, I know there is a down side as I wouldn’t my cousin is making well informed decisions for trading shares but at the end of the if he is earning by just using his trading account (of some initial investment) that same effect makes him persuade others to invest in the Indian marker as well. So the point being now, if my cousin is well informed and has access to better information (say from you) it would be icing on the cake, isn’t it?