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Is Shanghai a Real Estate Bubble?


From Business Insider :

Look at this part:

One clear clue (regarding the rising real estate prices in China) is that the average price-to-income ratio in Beijing has reached 27:1, five times the world average, according to data from the Bureau of Statistics of the Beijing Municipality. In addition, the average price-to-rent ratio neared 500:1 in the city, far above the international alarm threshold of 300:1, which sends out a clear signal that the foundation of the real estate boom is losing stability.

What are the corresponding rates for India? Where I live – rents are approximately 25,000 per month and the house prices are 90 lakhs – a price-to-rent of 360:1, which is already “alarm” level. Price-to-income ratio though may be a more benign 5:1 – assuming most families where I live would earn at least 18 lakhs a year.

I have no idea of India-wide statistics or even Delhi-wide statistics.


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