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Play School Fees are Tax Deductible


Good news for parents of toddlers: The Latest Income Tax Circular, clarifies that Playschool fees qualify for tax deduction under section 80C, under the “full-time” education clause:

Full-time education includes any educational course offered by any
university, college, school or other educational institution to a
student who is enrolled full-time for the said course. It is also
clarified that full-time education includes play-school
activities, pre-nursery and nursery classes.

It may not sound like a huge deal to most of you but with the amounts these play schools charge nowadays, it’s some consolation to us parents.

Just a heads up. If you have such fees you probably are already at your 80C limits and don’t need to make more payments. If you’re an employee who is getting tortured by his accounts department to provide those 80C deduction receipts, hand them your child’s playschool receipts with a smug expression on your face and show them the above link.


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