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JSW Energy, Godrej Properties, DB Corp: 3 IPOs kick off 2010


What a start to the year for the IPO market. In three days, three IPOs have happened, and here’s where they are:

Monday: JSW Energy. (A Power Sector Issue of 3,800 cr. at a price of Rs. 100 per share.)


Tuesday: Godrej Properties (A Real Estate Issue of Rs. 470 cr. at Rs. 490 per share)


Wednesday: DB Corp (A Media/Newspaper issue of Rs. 380 cr. at Rs. 212 per share) [Only listing day]


A good start for IPOs in 2010. These stocks are fairly high priced in terms of earnings multiples already, and are unlikely to provide a good story to the value investor. For a momentum trader, they are quite worthy of attention.

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