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“Capital Mind” is the New Blog Title

From “The Indian Investor’s Blog” this is now “Capital Mind”. After nearly 8 years the name deserved to change and eventually needs to get it’s own URL.

Just a quick post in case you saw things change and wondered if your browser screwed up.

  • Dhruva says:

    >I like IIB … since it remains IIB on my google reader so I dont care 😛

  • DK says:

    >Ah.. Interesting name..

    You have removed specific reference to India. Looking for some international expansion are we? Keep it up!!

    But no flashy lights? pastel colors? no new logo with claims of 80% more ATMN (*)?

    I do read your blog posts through RSS, but might this be a good time to update the look of the blog? To be honest, it does look old :-).

    So all the best for whatever you are working on..
    Shubh Laabh

    * Acronyms That Mean Nothing

  • Deepak Shenoy says:

    >Dhruva: Cool, thanks for the feedback though 🙂

    DK: International expansion in teh sense that I want to write about stuff abroad.

    The blog layout has got to change. Evaluating different layouts and stuff. Going to add some dynamism like there used to be in Moneyoga. Thanks for the wishes!

  • Anonymous says:

    >The site ranks number 1 in google for "indian investor blog" – dont change the title Deepak. Name change is fine