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Month: November 2009

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RBI Buys 200 Tons Of Gold From The IMF

The Reserve Bank of India has bought 200 tons of gold from the IMF. The deal was done around $1045 per ounce, which means they’ll pay a little less than ...

Bank Credit Growth in Single Digits

RBI’s friday press release on the Scheduled Bank Business in India as of Oct 23 shows a slight problem with Credit Growth, which is now at 9.69%, the ...

Grantham's quarterly – Markets being silly again

Jeremy Grantham’s Must-Read Quarterly for Q3 09 has way too many good points to quote. He slams the current financial system and the key players like ...

Stratfor: China's Real Estate Bubble

Stratfor has an excellent article on China’s soaring real estate prices and a potential impact: On Sept. 10, China Overseas Land and Investment, a Hong ...