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SoS: Rollover, Crappy Performance and A Holiday

Rolling over all positions from the Short Only strategy as is. No change in my outlook from a fundamental perspective, though I’m close to stop losses on everything. Performance has been pathetic, with a negative 3%; good learning on what might work and what might not. Useful to stick on, and to work closely with SLs.

Also I’m taking a short break, heading over to Nainital with my wife and son. Will be back Tuesday, and hopefully will get thoughts better organised so I can post more frequently. Apologies for dragging out posts and the innumerable mistakes that are left unedited.

  • indian says:

    >Again I am tinking your decision to rollover is wrong as nifty has successfully crossed milestone of 4700 and going towards 5000. So, stop loss should be less, unless you plan to earn atleast double of stop loss i.e. 30% at least if the downmove starts which I think has very less probability from here on at least for this year.

  • Deepak Shenoy says:

    >Is possible, definitely, that I'm going nuts, this is too early etc. I just have a strong feeling it's not going up much more from here – let's see.

    I think 4000 is a likelihood this year, possibly much lower too after Q2 ends, depending on how Q2 goes…