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Mumbai Terror Attack Video (Disturbing)

A horrifying set of videos (warning: very disturbing) show the obvious hand of Pakistan based “controllers” in the 26/11 attack on Mumbai. These videos make me very angry.

One might think the Mumbai police reaction was tardy or that India reacted slow. But remember that such people going amok in crowded places will definitely kill a few hundred people before any reaction can happen. Still, a certain set of thoughts:

  1. It looks like the terrorists were continuously motivated by Cell Phone calls from controllers in Pakistan. We knew, as we were listening in to all these calls.
  2. If we were listening in, why didn’t we cut off those Cell phones? Granted, we had that IMEI problem of non-recognition of a phone (which is gone now, since IMEI is compulsory) but we could still find and disconnect those numbers? Heck, my cell phone provider will cut off my outgoing, incoming and what not if I was late by a few days in paying a bill – I can’t believe the Indian government couldn’t immediately ban all these phones from the GSM networks.
  3. You might say “They could use a guest cellphone”. But you will notice most of the calls are initiated from the Pakistani side, the terrorists were just pawns in their hands. Sometimes when the terrorists would balk at their own disgusting actions, the controller side would goad them on, keeping them focussed on their murdering actions. We should have cut off cell phones one by one, as they happened to be tracked. Not difficult.
  4. And of course, we could easily cut off all calls to Pakistan during this time. While the average Pakistani is not a threat to India, it must be recognised that their country sponsors terror and therefore all calls to that country must be banned during such periods. They will have to use satellite phones or a conduit in another country – which raises the bar, and can be trapped as well.
  5. Communication was the key element. The terrorists were brainwashed kids, it seems. (Note: That doesn’t make them less sinful, or lesser a terrorist) If we had cut off their access to direct conversation, it’s likely they wouldn’t have done as much damage as they did.
  6. An interesting option would have been to zero in on the location of the Pakistani side and bomb it. I don’t know if we have the ability to do the zero-ing in, though.
  7. I mentioned banning all cellphones from the towers then. I doubt we’ll ever see this in a policy document but I hope someone considers the idea. The downside is of course that people trapped inside have no way to communicate; but if we let emergency numbers (100, 101 etc) continue – a sort of SoS mode – that problem will be solved.

Have a look see. (Hat Tip: Brijesh Nair)

Warning: Very gruesome and disturbing videos. There is blood and gore. It will shake you. You will feel like attacking Pakistan right now. You have been warned.

  • Anonymous says:

    >You idiot,promoting this video. Why the hell blame Islam for the fanaticism of some people.
    You are infuriating progressive Muslims also with such posts and creating hatred.
    Get a life, Get a job and stop posting such BS.

  • abhikush says:

    >Thanks for providing the videos. I am sending the link to everyone I know.

  • Anonymous says:

    >While you say to be careful before watching the videos, you also actually promote this idea of bombing Pakistan.

    It seems that you want to blame a whole nation for the acts of a rogue group. You don't think these same people are killing Pakistani citizens en masse *in* Pakistan? Do you not watch the news, or do you just ignore the obvious?

    I can guarantee you, this group and its brethren are a much bigger problem for Pakistan itself and it is NOT that easy to eradicate these groups. It's going to take time and perseverance.

  • Anonymous says:

    >thanks for providing the videos.
    they are also there in you tube.
    dont bother about abusive twits writing comments here.
    keep up your good work


  • Anonymous says:

    >@ Anonymous, what is so BS about these videos.
    these highlight the truth which the minority a**li**ing parties of india want to hide.
    let the progressive muslims also see this and see the rot that has set in.
    so stop bs***ting.

  • Himanshu Ghai says:

    >Anonymous-1 You..BS..
    problem is the hell of radical islam and hypocrits like you who hide in lies and obfuscating the facts of the problem.. Progressive muslims would recognize problem and try to solve it..get a life and leave the present job! calling them islamist isn't blaming whole population..


    you know that those were funded by a population and inspired by an ideology..if this group was a problem for pak then saeed should be executed..but these are real islamist heroes..if they are allowed to beat their family that doesn't mean they're allowed to cross the border and beat ours..hope you get what i mean! i am glad they are getting a taste of their own bittersweet pills

  • Saurabh says:

    >This came on a channel in UK (I think it was Channel 4 or ITV4), anyways I guess instead of using cell phones they were using Satellite phones or some other VOIP technology. I assume hence, that the tracking wouldn't have happened in real time, instead would have been made possible only with the cooperation of FBI and other international agencies.
    My 2 cents!