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SoS Update: Nothing yet, New positions will come soon

The Short Only Strategy has not had any transactions for a while, for good reason – the market has strength! But it looks juicy for the next round, and I’ll restart positions on it soon. Technical weakness is required before entering – the tape is the boss. Waiting for stocks to show signs of fatigue, or for markets to stretch.

The return till now hasn’t been anything to write about – around 1.5% in less than a year – but the markets are not about 5% above when I started, so in that sense it wasn’t too bad. But I could’ve locked and made much more – perhaps I should put real money on the strategy so I’ll be forced to update it more often! For now, no opportunity for that, given my job, so I’ll stick with it being virtual; as usual, don’t follow this strategy, this is not advice, etc.