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DLF's Westend Heights Project (Bangalore) in Trouble

DLF has gotten a reprimand from the BBMP – Bangalore’s Mahanagar Palike, or Municipal council on it’s Westend Heights project.

The BBMP has cautioned the public from booking apartments in this project as the builder has not taken approval from the competent authority. In a public advertisement dated April 26, DLF had announced opening of bookings for its proposed apartments and said the Bangalore Development Authority’s (BDA) approval had been obtained to build up to four floors. The BBMP said according to the advertisement, the apartment complex consists of 18 floors and not four as mentioned. The project consists of 1,980 units spread across 19 towers that are stilt+18 floors high.

The actual ad is below (click for a larger picture)

DLF's Westend Heights Project (Bangalore) in Trouble

While getting actual sactions later is common, it’s obvious that DLF hasn’t even done the basic groundwork of what it takes to get BBMP on the same page. It must be quite a crisis to get slapped on the wrist from those they would scramble to keep happy at any cost.

Btw, Moneycontrol says 600 homes have been sold. I hope they get their money back. But at this point I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I have decided NEVER to buy a house that isn’t ready to move in immediately. Builders will delay. They will change specs and you won’t be able to do anything. And then, they will over charge and under-deliver on maintenance because they can. My parents have had a lot more trouble due to this, and I’ve learnt from them, and now from a number of friends stuck with yet-to-arrive homes, that a house is a house when it’s ready to move in.

Hey, I might even buy land and build my house – why not, at least I have some level of control there. But a paper plan from a “reputed” builder? No way.

  • Anonymous says:

    >the best part of the notice is that the cost of the ad/notice will be extracted from DLF…. After the fiasco at Prestige Shantiniketan, BBMP seems to be getting its act together

  • Nagarajan says:

    >I feel DLF has not “paid” the right people in BBMP.

    I don’t have any hope that BBMP is acting on the People’s Interest. I can still see 100s of buildings violating the building codes. BBMP don’t seem to be looking at any of them 🙁

    Just in front of my house, I see a 5floor apartment coming up on a 4000sq lot. There is absolutely no set-off on any side of the building. When it is finished, if someone opens the window it will touch their neighbor’s

  • RamtaJogi says:

    >I am not that familiar with Indian RE but how can a builder get away with something like this? Why wouldn’t folks get their money back?


  • Siddharth says:

    >”I am not that familiar with Indian RE but how can a builder get away with something like this? Why wouldn’t folks get their money back?”

    It happens only in India. yeh india hain babua, anything is possible here 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    >While I am not a supporter of DLF, I am sure that this instigated by the anti-DLF lobby in Bangalore i.e. the builders who lost out because DLF has cut price in unexpected manner. I hear that DLF could book 600+ apartments when other builders were waiting hopelessly…

  • Alok says:

    >Lets see, if and when they manage to get approvals, in the wake of recent notice by BBMP to have an inhouse sewage treatment plant for bigger complexes. This will increase the cost for the prospective buyers also, a negative point in current market scenario.

  • Anonymous says:

    >I believe its right step from BBMP, irrespective of DLF folks quoting it as a anti DLF Lobby at works…

    What is not in right side of law should always is wrong, what ever may be intentions may be behind move, its worth thumbs up..

    I believe its in sept and they dont have approvals, very disappointing from buyers perspective…

  • Vijay Dwivedi says:

    >Guys..any update on permission from BBMP by DLF. Now oct-09 started and still DLF are claiming that they will start work soon. What is the definition of their "SOON"..any B'lorian..

  • Anonymous says:


    It is official !!! DLF has got all the approvals for the project for all floors !!!

  • Anonymous says:

    >Yeah I do agree that Pre-launch offers are just blood sucking and nerve shacking

    experiences which are clad in gold for the buyers. Please note that they are just


    Yes, its about Mantri Premero. I booked @ 2500/- p.s.f in a Pre launch offer. As

    the project was officially launched it gained the ground with @ 3,290 p.s.f. This

    reality shock made them to force me to detain my booking on the grounds that the

    BBMP approval is pending and that the construction will delay by 6 months. But

    the truth was that it was never pending. When I found the reality by approaching

    them as a new customer, they offered me a rate of 3,090 p.s.f. And when i

    revealed myself they asked me to cancel the old booking and re-book the same flat

    @ 3,000. However, the master and the floor plans utilised for taking initial

    bookings were completely changed and on this basis I was asked to consider this

    as a new project and do a rebooking.

    God, I was nowhere, a normal salaried man who wanted to give shelter to the

    family was taken a back by this response. Even after my denial to take back my

    booking money, after a week my account reflected a sudden influx of 2 lacs which

    was my BOOKING money refunded without my consent.

    Friends please please request you dont get lured with Pre-launches. One day you

    are flying sky high that finally you will HAVE a shelter, the next day the

    reality will bite you by taking away the ground underneath from you.

    Friends, internal news from one of the employees of Sunil Mantri group is that

    they do this quite often. And that the Project will have major changes in future,

    which means that those who have their money invested in anticipation of good

    future ahead will face the dark side.

    Guys Pre-launches is for the builder's benefit only wherein they can make false

    promises to you for raising the initial money to take off the project. Once the

    purpose of utilisation and reaping benefit from your money is over they will take

    stern steps against you and you will be seen by them as a Tissue Papers, USE AND


  • Anonymous says:

    >I do not agree with you . Mantri grp will have to walk another 100 miles to reach anywhere close to DLF . I do not think DLF would ever do that … They are the number and never get involved in such frauds .

  • Arun Pradhan says:


    I have recently booked in D2.

    But, I am bit worried about the connectivity of D block with the rest of the blocks in phase 1 . Also I think the club House section is too far from D block and we have to use the common public road to reach there.

    Is there any possibility will have a direct connectivity with D block, Otherwise I feel D block will be the most isolated one, once Phase 2 completes.

    Also phase 2 will carry the same name as Phase 1(Westend Heights)
    or it will have a completely different name?

  • Rawal Jain says:

    dear arun praddhan, i’m a buyer at westend heights. Ive created a buyers forum at linked in. please connect and expand. also, my mail id is