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SoS: Rollover and a 3400 stop loss


I’d been to a five day trip back to good ole Bangalore and therefore couldn’t post the SoS rollover update. I’ve only rolled over all existing positions, and the current positions have taken profits down to a piddly 9%, which is about 14% annualized.

It’s a fantastic rally, and obviously short positions have been mauled. But I’d cut positions to keep exposure low, and therefore the SoS hasn’t been so badly impacted.

It will soon be time to add more. The rally is great, and there is some more upside likely – I’ve decided to cut positions once we cross 3400. Short positions build up though will now happen with some technical support and post results. Elections too, will be considered.

Quite amazingly, my mechanical system has been long throughout – and has, from November 1, managed a 27% return to date. I am now working with a hedge fund (different post on that) so I can no longer trade in my personal account, but then I work with systems in and out now. I’ll keep the SoS going, it’s virtual anyhow.

Disclosure: No positions. And note: this isn’t advice.


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