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Sos: Exit all positions, buy Nifty put


The stop loss of 3400 has been breached on the Short Only Strategy. Since I only use end-of-day prices, and this was the first day the EOD price crossed 3400, it had to be today when the exit was reached.

The return has dwindled to about 2.67% (annualized) now, which is pathetic. Gotta take care and get into the next downswing. Luckily there wasn’t too much of a position on this time, otherwise the losses would have been intense. Still, I see a huge downmove, so I’m content buying a few puts – 1000 to start with – looking for a 10% move down. That may not happen this month, so capital must be allocated to stretch across months.

My apologies for not keeping this updated – I get small bursts of time to microblog (Twitter) so have ignored the sheet. It’s updated now.


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