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SEC finds another fraud: Sanford, $8 bn



U.S. regulators accused R. Allen Stanford of running a “massive, ongoing fraud” while selling about $8 billion in certificates of deposit through Antigua- based Stanford International Bank Ltd.

The bank made “improbable and unsubstantiated” claims about its ability to generate “safe” returns of more than 10 percent, and it misled investors about exposure to Bernard Madoff’s alleged Ponzi scheme, the Securities and Exchange Commission said today in a complaint against Stanford, firms he controls and two colleagues. The agency asked the Dallas federal court to freeze assets and appoint a receiver to return money to investors.

The SEC has been investigating Stanford’s Houston-based investment firm, Stanford Group, since at least last summer over sales of certificates by the Antigua-based affiliate. The inquiry intensified after the December arrest of New York money manager Madoff, who allegedly confessed to masterminding a $50 billion fraud in which early investors were promised steady returns and paid with money from later participants.

$8 billion, not quite a Madoff but 4x Satyam. Fraud #2 is out?


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