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Virtual Portfolio: Adding Hero Honda, Gold, Aftek Infosys


So into the 5L virtual portfolio come three stocks:

Hero Honda: Strength in auto is evident in this counter. This is largely a technical buy of a strong stock in a beaten down sector: Auto. I have strong hopes for rural auto buys, especially with dropping fuel prices, better roads and lowered interest rates. Hero Honda is a strong stock, and while the fundamental reason for the strength isn’t evident, I’m listening to the price. 10% on this stock at 792.

Gold Bees: I’m just a sucker for this commodity – 10% exposure at 1339.

Aftek Infosys: This company trades at half its cash. With Rs. 30 of cash in the bank, and half yearly EPS of Rs. 9, it’s tough to imagine the worst is yet to come. Still, the cash is parked in Portugal (of all places) and there is the danger of a shady past (involving Ketan Parekh and all). So, let’s do a 2% bet on this stock at 14.20, with plans to scale in as we cross 16, 18, 20.

Yeah, this is a little unfair coming a day after a stimulus package and all. But I’ve actually bought these myself, and I have suggested them for accounts where I consult, and we’ve been buying for the last few weeks. So huge-ass disclosure: I’m quite hugely invested in these stocks.

Disclaimer: Do not follow this portfolio – it is virtual and while I do have positions, they do not reflect proportions I mention here. This is not advice. This is not meant to be for you – it is only an expression of my opinion for me. I know you already know this, but it’s the legally correct thing to do.


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