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They're counting the bodies, Alan Greenspan


At least, W.C. Varones is, going by his blog. 71 people have died as a direct or indirect consequence of Greenspan’s actions or advice, says Varones.

Seventy first on the list is Adolf Merckle, a billionaire who committed suicide after losing much of his wealth shorting Volkswagen shares in Germany, a trade destroyed by Porsche, a German company. How this is related to Greenspan is not very clear. He may have owned a Porsche.

The links get increasingly muddy as you go down the list. A serial rapist who had an adjustable rate mortgage. A stock-market-punter who shot his entire family after sudden losses. A gas station owner that burnt his property because he was “underwater” on his property. Indeed, it might eventually seem to be that the Gaza conflict is a creation of Greenspan, as was the Vietnam war, the two world wars, the famine of 1918 (or whenever) and Attila the Hun, whose mortgage Mongolia continues to pay for, in yak milk.

Mr. Greenspan, beware. It will only stop after you die, at which point Mr. Varones will have to find another person to blame, and I recommend Harry Potter.


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