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SoS: Add Zee, Pantaloon, Reliance and Rollovers


Some changes to the Short only Strategy. First, time to rollover. So all stocks roll into Feb, but certain quantities change.

ICICI Bank: I’ve halved the quantity, as there are results tomorrow. Tuesday will tell if it needs to be increased.

Nifty: I’ve shot down the quantity to 400. The index may not do much, and there’s ample time to add more.

All others remain the same in quantity, and I reiterate the shorts in there.

I’ve added three stocks. ZEE Electronics, after seeing weakness, and this post by Sunil Saranjame.

Pantaloon Retail, after weak results and a P/E of 20 even now – with weakness showing in the discount the stock retains. Plus, it’s big retail – not a great time.

Reliance, after fairly bad results.

See the full status and transactions here. Returns are now at 17% since August 08, not too bad, but nothing to brag about.

Disclosure: No current personal positions (hey, I’m moving!). I may add them when I feel the need to.

Note: This is my strategy, not my recommendation. Do not follow this. It is not advice. If you follow this even by mistake, I’m not responsible for any losses. This is education only. For me.


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