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Satyam Humour

Faking News Has It:

The finance minster of India, widely believed to be Manmohan Singh, announced appointment of Ramalinga Raju, Chairman, Satyam Computer Services limited, as Director, SEBI. It is understood that Raju has been awarded for the international recognition and reputation he brought to Satyam Computer and Indian IT industry.

“Raju could create wealth where none existed. He could bring cash in access of what could have been counted. He could make Satyam earn interests on NPAs, and he could write off huge liabilities. Such an acumen and ability is not to be found easily in men, and India could benefit from his experiences in these troubled times.” a finance ministry press statement revealed.

Yeah, it’s dark, but it’s too darn funny not to link to. (Hat Tip: Mohit)

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