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The 5 Lakh Virtual Portfolio (Long/Short)


After my Short-Only strategy, here comes a strategy for both Long and Short, a Virtual Five Lakh Rupee portfolio, part of Kaushik’s site.


  • It’s a way I would manage 5 Lakh Rupees
  • I may be long stocks, long/short futures or long/short options.
  • Each buy/sell will be documented in a blog post
  • It’s virtual, but there may be real money behind it. I will disclose my personal position, but not of any other people whose money I manage.
  • If you follow any of the positions, it’s at your own risk. I am not dispensing advice; this are my opinions only.
  • We reserve the right to charge for this in the future.
  • Twitter posts will happen.
  • Kaushik Gala and Arjun Ashar have their own virtual portfolios on the site as well.

I’ll create a status page on this blog also with twitter posts specific to the portfolio (so you can comment).

This page will evolve. Welcome, 2009.

Note: the Short only strategy will continue.


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