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SoS Update: Added Bharti, HDFC, DLF, HDIL, ICICI, Axis


So I’ve been neglecting the shorts lately. Here’s a set of additions.

Bharti : Both Telecom and DTH are overcrowded spaces and with recessions the growth will simply vanish. While it does have money, it is too highly valued to survive the recession. I’m probably in a little late, but why not.

ICICI and Axis – banks : I’m not quite sure the worst is over for these banks. ICICI seems like it’s wonky, what with the whole drama abroad going nuts. And as for Axis, while I think it’s a good bank, I think the current valuation is a little too rich at around 15 P/E.

DLF and HDIL : The real estate sector is hosed. And these are literally the only fellows left standing. Again, late in.

HDFC : NOt the bank, but the housing development finance company. There’s not much higher priced housing left to develop: so where’s the 20 P/E coming from?

Full Strategy here, and look at the spreadsheet also.

Disclosure: no positions, may have some due to our systems though. Don’t trade this, this is not advice, only education, bla, bla, bla.


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