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SOS Update: Up 8.84%, no changes.


Here’s my short only strategy update: Up 8.84%, with the call write doing very very well.

SOS Update: Up 8.84%, no changes.

I’m not changing anything. I’m kicking myself for not including Tata Steel (read post) despite the very negative trend – it’s down from 460 to 391 today!

I need to add more stocks to the list. I will do so on Monday, after a weekend of analysis and thinking. This time I might take positions too – much smaller because I don’t have 50 lakhs to spare – but enough to get some skin in the game.

Disclosure: As always, this is education only, don’t listen to this as advice, don’t follow what I’m saying, because I could be wrong. I currently have some positions on the Nifty, but none on ICICI Bank. I do not recommend that you follow this blindly. This is a 50L short-only virtual money portfolio and I will not lose anything if the positions don’t work out.


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