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RBI Cuts CRR by 0.50%

Effective Oct 11, CRR Is down 0.5%, as per Eco Times.

This won’t ease liquidity too much – that will only happen with a repo rate cut, and the RBI has to put more money in to be able to sell the bonds and bills they are selling this week.

  • amit says:

    >deepak sir,

    Nifty at 3600!! sir dont you think it is too fast,despite all the global mayhem that is unfolding will it be not be prudent for indian stock market enhusiasts(long termers >1 year horizon) to take a bit of advantage.

    Till 1600 A.D. indian subcontinent(then india) contributed 35% to world economy owing to its huge population(ratio),thinking of a bigger picture will it be not wise enough to doing a sip sort of as nifty moves from 3600 to 3000 just in case to reap the rewards 2/3/4/5 years down the line(of course excess money which we intend to put in bank FD's for 5 years).

    Please throw some light on it and if possible some stocks with some levels guidance.

    Also will it be now wise to buy some nifty futures in case if it falls to 3500.Plz share ur views on these points.And sirg you wont be held responsible for any casualities.

    U r simply the best.