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Net back up – Going Long

Quick post to note: Markets are down some 6% and I am buying. I won’t say what right now, but I’m going long for what I think will be a 10% return. This is the worst possible sentiment I have seen in a very very long time, and it seems that there is some scope for a contrarian trade.

One system is up 5% and the other has told us not to trade today. Therefore the discretion makes it worthwhile and can focus on what to buy at what price etc.

There’s way too much news, noting in separate mails. Blame Reliance for the delay – my net connection has been shot for the last two days!

  • hari says:

    >Hi Deepak,

    Hello after a long time.
    I bought Novartis and GlaxoSmithkline consumer health care. Here the connection was down I also use reliance money.
    Wanted to buy Axis Bank and Merck but price went up quickly.Have we bottomed out or is there any more downside left. Do you think that 10500 is the point where a base could form for us ?


  • Anonymous says:

    >I am sure you would have read this.

    However Just in case


  • Anonymous says:

    >Hi Deepak,
    I guess you would not be publishing this post of mine. I don’t care really but I just wanted to let you know that your posts are becoming increasingly arrogant and there’s too much of an element of secrecy. Of course, it’s your’s blog and you are free to do what you want to with it but I must admit I am disappointed in you — I had hoped and certainly your blog had the distinct potential to become an open podium for ideas on stock market and investing. I probably would not be posting again. You’ve probably lost one of your oldest readers today.

    All the best.

  • Deepak Shenoy says:

    >Hari: Good stuff. Yes perhaps 10.5K is a reasonable short term base but I think . Pharma is a good defense usually.

    HK: Yeah – very sad. I must write. too much news to post!

    Anon: Thanks and I appreciate the feedback. Best wishes to you!

  • Deepak Shenoy says:

    >Anon: Also, I don’t censor stuff unless it’s spam. I appreciate all feedback, good and bad.