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The Long Position Update


A commenter recently said I haven’t been talking much about my long positions, presumably because they’ve gone rotten? I certainly am guilty of only mentioning them a few times, so here’s a post on it for good measure.

I’m still long. This is a personal, very discretionary position, which I intend to roll over. This is not because of any other reason that a short term bounce – typical bounce expected is 20-30% over a short term, max three months or so.

I may be wrong – heck, that’s a given every once in a while. And our systems continue to make money on the short side. But given this is a discretionary position that involves Nifty futures and short put options, I am fairly ok with the losses incurred so far, intend to get out only at a stop loss a further 15% below here.

It’s a tough market – and I don’t want to do any bottom calling. Speaking systematically everything is short, and needs to be. But I’m playing a very discretionary game here, it may work or may not – either ways it’s my trade, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. Still staying long, and still adding to my positions.


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