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A GMR Recap

I haven’t checked a lot of stocks lately – and looking at GMR Infra’s price of Rs. 62 today shocked me. Let’s take a look at what happened to GMR Infra from the time it listed:

A GMR Recap

The IPO was available at 200, which translates to a price of Rs. 40 today (split 5 ways in between). My IPO analysis showed a past EPS then of Rs. 2.5 (which is equivalent to 0.5 today) and a P/E of, at the eventual price, 80.

Current Trailing EPS is around Rs. 1.25. Price is still at a 50 P/E and a lot of that EPS came from “other income” – the interest on the pile of cash they hold.

It will take another twenty rupees for this stock to reach the levels it listed at – which honestly is better than most other IPOs which are seriously under water already. Would you pick this stock up if it reached 40?

Airports, Power, Infrastructure. And a recession. Hmm. Not easy, when the stock has been about four times this price just a few months ago – but as we are likely to see, those valuations will be cherished as “those good days” for a long time to come.

I won’t do a funny-mental analysis. I will just say this – the price action shows the trend. Unless that changes, nothing has changed….

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