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SOS Update: Up 4% in a week


The Index may literally have stayed unchanged since last week – in fact the futures are trading a little bit higher but the SoS has moved up dramatically. It must be the financial drama in the US, hitting stocks that were even slightly overbought.

SoS is now up 4.15%. I have no new transactions this week, and am holding all the current positions. I will add more as bases get set up for a short. Currently I wouldn’t book profits either because I think the worst is ahead of us.

SOS Update: Up 4% in a week

Profits of 4.15% marked to market. Still too early to take a call on whether its good. I have only about 50% of the [virtual] money allocated, but there will be more coming. This is an unlevered strategy.

Note: Standard disclaimer applies. I have no positions on these stocks except a strangle on the Nifty. I wish I did have positions but I have been allocating my money to only system trading.

Also, don’t follow this unless you know what you are doing. This is not advice. This is education only. If this strategy takes its virtual balance to zero I lose nothing and I ask that you lose nothing either. You aren’t supposed to put real money on this strategy.


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