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The Delhi Blasts

As you would have heard, there have been five bomb blasts in Delhi. My deepest condolences to the victim’s families. Words cannot describe the outrage I feel, the anger boiling inside, the frustration of placing one’s security in the hands of those that are incapable of respecting it.

What are we doing, as a country? Do they not have money? Or people? Why can’t they tell us that, instead of calling random committee meetings and announcing compensation. What does compensation do, pay for our blood? Is it worth that little to you?

Why doesn’t something on the likes of FBI exist in India? The CBI is ridiculously understaffed, underfunded, and unequipped to handle something of this magnitude. To be fair, the blasts were low intensity, in crowded places. It might be made of stuff sourced from your nearby hardware and chemical store. They aren’t designed to cause widespread damage – just spread terror. And that is the very thing we must prevail on – the terror they cause must be wiped out by our fitting reply and our ability to recover.

This is not a community or religion thing. No religion advocates terror. This is about an organisation where the value of life is little. We must find the perpetrators and immediately sentence them, and destroy the organisations base – even if that base is in a different country.

This is why I must say I agree with US operations inside Pakistan – Every such terrorist they rid the world of, is one less that we have to do. Yes, we, us – we will have to do it in the end – you and me, us, India and even Pakistan. But whatever you do, don’t target a community or a religion – you become as barbaric when you do that. It’s not about Muslims or Pakistanis or whatever. It’s about SIMI, or IM or the individuals that plan terror.

Let’s break them. I don’t even know where to start to help. Let’s create our own version of an “India” force. Let’s use technology to beat them. Let’s talk, discuss, and create ways to ensure our crowded markets are safe. CCTV, a federalized data gathering system, local “eyes and ears”, truth generating drugs – whatever it takes, we, the internet enabled class of India, must contribute. It’s no longer about “them” – it’s about us. I need to think more about what’s out there and what’s missing, but I now know it’s not about me complaining that no one is doing anything. It’s about YOU AND ME not doing anything. It’s time. No, it was time 5 years ago. It’s too late today to ask for directions. We gotta create our own.

My future, and yours, depends on our success.

  • Indian Thoughts says:

    >I am a delhite myself and visited CP on friday itself. It hurts to hear abt these things. I have all the family and friends here and couldn’t get my courage to call them to know abt their safety but kept on praying. I agree with you that tough steps are needed to prevail this and this not at all reliognal thing, no religion can preach terrorism.

    I am praying for the victims and their family.

  • Anonymous says:

    >I dont agree with your criticisam of officials… but agree with last part.. each one of us has to do a bit to make India a more secure place… Read my thoughts on my blog…


  • Anonymous says:

    >I agree and disagree with your criticism. The Indian CBI is as well equipped as its counterparts in any other country. It has the money and the resources to do anything they want but they are crippled. They are crippled by the system, by ministers and by the government. They are used to sort their internal party feuds and petty politics. There is another organization that provides DATA to the police and other agencies – RAW. But that intelligence is never used because of internal politics and misalignment of forces. I think Police across India first needs to understand they are king for the welfare of the society and not the government at the center, state or where ever they sit. They need to take a leaf out of the books of Mumbai Police. They treat Mumbai like their own. They believe in Mumbai and that inspires them to do great things. You would be surprised to know that Mumbai Police acknowledges itself as the second best force in the world after “Scotland Yard”. They have at most instances used the data they have been provided. It’s also probably out of experience they have grown so strong. But even they are not clean.
    Only if the police at various states be it Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra or Delhi and even at Mumbai co-ordinate and cooperate with each other as a unit and not to forget the Indian Army who is taking so much pain at the border for our safety, only then my country will be a safe haven for people who deserve to live in our great nation and these anti-social elements and bloody Paki and Bangladeshi bastards will nabbed and killed.

  • vaphualization says:

    >Meanwhile, attacks on Christians and Churches continue unabated. It’s time to think who is our REAL enemy? If the Bajrang Dal activists really think they’re heroic enough, why don’t they go attack these terrorists? Man to man. One to one…

  • Anonymous says:

    >Do you want the Bajrang Dal to take the laws in its own hand??
    Are you sure? Because I can predict the future.
    “Slowly with these kind of anti secular feelings,it will lead to one thing. BJP supported by Bajrang dal and othe hindu extreamists coming to power slowly and slowly in each state. This will lead to a HINDU RAJ. This will lead to people being suspicious of every Muslim living in India. Police will do what it does in Gujrat all over the country and this is what these terrorists need. And trust me BJP will do this, because thats what they do. Devide and Rule. A nation with 80% Hindus will vote for them. And the Great Indian Story will end.”
    So we should all think before we wish for something. You see Muslims, Christians and any other religious group is unsafe with these kind of people in power. We should not wish that they do something but try to eradicate them from the face of the nation. They are no different from SIMI.