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Spammers Note: You will not be published


Some random idiots are posting spam comments on this blog. They do not understand two things:

  • Spamming 60 posts does not provide a better chance to be published. I will select all and reject, and it takes me one click. And when I know spammers will do this I will wait till they run out of steam.
  • I don’t care anymore what they write because the minute I see their URL or name in there I will simply delete the comments.

These guys supposedly provide “tips”. Here’s one tip to them: Stop wasting your time, and behaving like outdated losers.

Obviously they aren’t making any money off trading – if they were they wouldn’t be doing this – that’s why they get miserably desperate. In terms of internet etiquette, these are the low-life lumps of lard that make our online time less productive.

(Some people say the fact that you get spam means you’re famous. But not this – these people will spam even their mother’s site.)


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