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Spammers Note: You will not be published

Some random idiots are posting spam comments on this blog. They do not understand two things:

  • Spamming 60 posts does not provide a better chance to be published. I will select all and reject, and it takes me one click. And when I know spammers will do this I will wait till they run out of steam.
  • I don’t care anymore what they write because the minute I see their URL or name in there I will simply delete the comments.

These guys supposedly provide “tips”. Here’s one tip to them: Stop wasting your time, and behaving like outdated losers.

Obviously they aren’t making any money off trading – if they were they wouldn’t be doing this – that’s why they get miserably desperate. In terms of internet etiquette, these are the low-life lumps of lard that make our online time less productive.

(Some people say the fact that you get spam means you’re famous. But not this – these people will spam even their mother’s site.)

  • Ghansyam says:

    >Hi Deepak,

    This is Ghannu from KREC. Nice blog yaar.
    It would be nice if you could post some of your picks for long term. You seem to be good at fundamental analysis.

    – Ghannu.

  • Anonymous says:

    >Why not open a optional spam notebook on the side so that your readers can also get a glimpse of the nonsense.

  • Mahesh Mohan says:


    You said “Stop wasting your time..” to spammers. But you know one thing they don’t waste their time. And do you think that they are leaving comments manually? Then you are wrong its all done by Programs which leaves spam comments automatically…. so these spammers doesnt know your site too… They might be sleeping when leaving comments on your site. 🙂

    – Mahesh Mohan

  • Anonymous says:

    >There is a “captcha” here ie commenter need to write a word whose image is shown before posting comment.

    It is very tough to break for computer programs to automatically read it (relatively easy for humans), though programs may be getting better (captchas too)

    Hence high probability that the spams may be done by humans.

  • Vivek Venugopalan says:

    >I am with you my friend. I got so badly spammed that I stopped blogging for sometime. Just got back on the act. Hope things get better now.