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ONGC bumps up Nifty EPS

Results today (Nifty stocks only):

  • ONGC shows an EPS growth of 50%. Bumps up nifty EPS as it has a huge weightage in the Nifty.
  • LT gives major bhaav and shows EPS growth of 41.46%.
  • Sunpharma shows an EPS growth of 120% (!)
  • BPCL goes from EPS of +6.6 to -28.45. I have no idea how bad that is but BPCL is only 0.44% of the Nifty.
  • HDFCBank’s EPS is up a whopping 8%. I was thinking it will be a drop in EPS so this is actually quite good.
  • Hindalco does 13%.
  • Tata Comm (VSNL) shifts results out to 30th. Bad news there?

Nifty EPS has now moved to Rs. 238. It was 220 as of Aug 1, 07 – which means for a 10% growth (please, at least 10%!) we need to go to Rs. 242. The remaining stocks account for 28.65% of the Nifty – and as of now, not considering them, the Nifty has grown 11.62% on EPS. P/E is still 18.

  • Siddharth says:

    One thing I am not getting. As I understand from my limited information that metal foundry sector is seeing order cuts, just came to know Tata Motors has brought production down by 40%. Due credit to problems in USA and EU Auto sector. certainly there are many reasons which show otherwise from the grotwh in index.
    How does it go along?
    Say RBI increases rate then as you explained Bank Auto gets hurt more and in total economy slows down which in effect will bring inflation down! But then how come index is still not showing the facts?

    Or may be it will go down the line slowly!