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Nifty EPS at 241, but losing steam: Slowdown.


More results today: (All notes are EPS growth)

  • Unitech up 15.7%. I expected more. Is this real estate slowing down?
  • Tatamotors down 33%.
  • Tata Comm (VSNL) down 5%. Uhem.
  • Powergrid down 34%. Whoa.
  • ITC down 5.2%.
  • M&M up 1%. Wow.
  • PNB up 20%. A pleasant surprise.

And Suzlon, which is supposed to have declared today, has vanished. No results. How bad can the news be?

Well, the Nifty EPS is now officially 241. With nearly 89% worth of results declared and Suzlon looking dangerously unprofitable, where will the growth come from? Note that even if we scale it to 245 we are BARELY scraping through a 12% year on year growth.

And this is before inflation hits these companies (it has at least a one quarter lag), and before the new interest rates hit them. Now next month, Dr. Reddy will give way to Mr. Reliance Power on the Nifty – which means they will replace a profitable company with one that will make negligible money for the next few years. So no EPS from RPL and no EPS from RPower also. Soon we’re going to be happy to see the Nifty not change EPS at all.

Slowdown anyone?


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