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More results – Nifty EPS moving up but not enough

More results today:

  • Hero Honda up 43.64%. Very unexpected, excellent results.
  • Cairn up some 500%+ from 0.21 to 1.4.
  • Gail up 31% on EPS. Great stuff.
  • NTPC down 27% on EPS.

Nifty EPS is up to 239+, with results of companies weighing 80% of the Nifty already known. Left are a few big folks (DLF, RCOM, PowerGrid, Unitech, Nalco, Wipro, ITC, TataSteel, Suzlon) and a few smaller ones (TataMotors, TataComm, PNB, M&M, HCLTech).

Will be interesting to see where we end up on Aug 2 when all results are out. P/E is 17+ even now. (To match P/E, Nifty EPS needs to end up at 258, but that is unlikely. Maybe 12% growth now?)

  • amit says:

    >ok, so more or less can we say that unless something drastic happens like attack on iran, we wont bottom out more ? At 4K nifty seems to be reasonably priced.

  • Deepak Shenoy says:

    >At 4k, with an EPS of Rs. 250 (quite tough to get there from 239 today) we are valued at 16 P/E. And we’re growing 12%. No way is that value or reasonably priced.

    If we want value it will come when we are at 3100 on the Nifty. Within a year me thinks.