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Internet Usage Statistics Gone Wild

So the latest report in the list of the evergreen Indian Internet statistics is out:

  • The average Indian Internet user visited the Internet 25 times during the month and was online for 28 minutes per visit.
  • Those between the ages of 15-24 were the heaviest Internet users among all age segments, spending nearly 12 hours online per month on average.

Someone tell me how this works.

If, on average , the Great Indian Internet user spends 28 minutes per visit, and has 25 visits a month, on average, he or she will spend, on average, 700 minutes online a month. Which, when I last checked, was “nearly” 12 hours a month. On AVERAGE.

The “heaviest” among the Great Indian Internet users are the Great Indian 15 year olds to the Great Indian 24 year olds, who spend, on AVERAGE, “nearly” 12 hours a month.

So if the HEAVIEST users (I’m assuming by usage, not mass) are using nearly 12 hours, and the average is also 12 hours, then everyone’s bloody using 12 hours a month. No? My silly mathematical brain is going nuts with wondering how the hell they worked this out.


comScore Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, today released its first study of Internet usage in India, which reports that more than 28 million people in India age 15 and older accessed the Internet from home and work locations in May.

This represents a 27-percent increase versus year ago, making India one of the fastest-growing Internet populations among the 37 individually-reported countries in the comScore World Metrix audience measurement service. Additionally, the fact that Internet users in India represent approximately only 3 percent of the population indicates significant potential for continued strong growth.

Okay, this just plain sucks. In this fantastically growing economy, only 2.7 crore people access the net. And each of them does 12 hours a frikking month, which is less than half an hour a day, for heaven’s sake.

This is disappointing for a web portal – but at Moneyoga we’ve decided to move on from there. Story coming soon; web is no longer the mainstay, the future is in making profits for people.

  • Max Dama says:


    I doubt there is a reliable way to distinguish the age of an internet user. So they probably just assumed what people want to hear, like most news sources do, and reported that. And then they omitted that 15-24 year-olds are *tied* for heaviest internet usage. I think your math is correct.


  • HarshilJK says:

    >It’s insane – this drum beating. I wrote about the stats released by the IAMAI late last year – one is the incessant glamorization of Internet India. 2nd are the grey areas with respect to coming up to these ‘industry stats’ – you can read it here –

  • Falkor says:

    >Cooked up statistics… nothing else. Its really amazing how ‘average’ can be used.

    (Somebody like us who are so fed up being online 15hrs a day certainly skew the data)

    (Imagine somebody surfing for 30mins a month, you cant filter out the spam in that time forget sending few mails.)