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SEBI makes Mastek change Buyback norms


From Fundoo Professor:

Mastek published an important notice in The Financial Express (page 11, New Delhi edition dated may 16, 2008). The company disclosed that SEBI has directed it to:

1. place orders for buying back shares from the market “at least once a week at market related prices during the periods when the market price is lower than the maximum buy-back price such that the amount of buy-back is exhausted expeditiously”; and

2. not to close the buyback without completing it except under exceptional circumstances, with prior approval of SEBI.

In the Corrigendum to Public Announcement, Mastek has also said that:

“The Company does not intend to close the Buy-back before the maximum limit for the Buy-back is reached except in case of circumstances detrimental to the interest of the Company or the Buy-back such as adverse unforeseen circumstances, the market price being above the maximum price for a sustained period of time, political and other uncertainties and occurrence of any force majeure events, in which events the Company may close the Buy-back with the approval of SEBI.”

Uhem. This is a weasel clause. But since SEBI approval is needed, it makes things a lot better.

The other clause – where they should place orders at least once a week is also good for investors. The buyback price of Rs. 750 maximum is WAY above current prices (though the stock has shot up 25% since the announcement)

Other such transactions in the pipeline are Sasken’s buyback (max price 180 I think), SRF (max price 160) and a few others. It will be interesting to see how shares perform in buybacks.


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