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Interviewed by Kamla Bhatt

A quick note to tell you I’ve been interviewed by Kamla Bhatt about Moneyoga.

Here’s a link to the interview:
Deepak Shenoy: Entrepreneurship Is Overrated. Is It Really?

The interview is about Moneyoga, what we are, how we’re different, what we want to be, and some of my views on entrepreneurship. Do have a read and let me know what you think.

Kamla’s site has been featured by LiveMint in their online article on 10 popular blogs for Indian ventures.

  • Anonymous says:

    >Nice interview. On a side note, what broker do you use? If you use, ICICI, have you observed the share price information on best 5 bids/offers? It also displays total bid and offer quantity… Can you add this info to That may be a useful stat to have to see the direction of movement

  • hari says:


    DS: “Finding people: We started a company we could run with very few people – the plan has about 40-50 at the peak – because it’s very ,very difficult to find good people, and if you find them, chances are they don’t stick around.”
    I disagree strongly.
    I do not say I am good but would have joined moneyoga full time to code or to contribute in some manner and learn how Entrepreneurship/Investing is in real time.I think I would have got a lot of practical exposure.But I could not come to Mumbai.
    Even if I could not quit my job I would atleast have come and tried to work during my free time because of my interest in investing.I hope in the future chennai also has a stock exchange to attract people like DS and KG.If you have not found right people then there could be 2 reasons – 1) People are not lucky to work in Moneyoga
    2) You have not got people who are mad like me (about investing).

    The next thing is I will make it a point to thoroughly go through Moneyoga apart from this blog.