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Orchid Up 16%, and Mudra’s on a roll as well


Orchid Chem is up 16% at Rs. 287 today. This is quite a spectacular move, for a stock I’d only written about yesterday. (Read: The Orchid Saga, Still Worth a Dekho)

Orchid F&O is now at 69% of the market wide limit. At 95%, there will be no further positions allowed.

Note: I am long since 206. I have now converted my position into a call option, thus limiting my downside risk, and booking profits to a certain extent.

Mudra Lifestyle, which I’d bought at the 36 levels (Read: Mudra Lifestyle, a Stock Idea) is now up to Rs. 43. My target is Rs. 72+ so I continue to hold.

Very interesting moves. Both of the above stocks have moved over 15% in the last two weeks – Orchid going up nearly 50%. The Nifty is up about 4% since.


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