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Orchid Up 16%, and Mudra’s on a roll as well

Orchid Chem is up 16% at Rs. 287 today. This is quite a spectacular move, for a stock I’d only written about yesterday. (Read: The Orchid Saga, Still Worth a Dekho)

Orchid F&O is now at 69% of the market wide limit. At 95%, there will be no further positions allowed.

Note: I am long since 206. I have now converted my position into a call option, thus limiting my downside risk, and booking profits to a certain extent.

Mudra Lifestyle, which I’d bought at the 36 levels (Read: Mudra Lifestyle, a Stock Idea) is now up to Rs. 43. My target is Rs. 72+ so I continue to hold.

Very interesting moves. Both of the above stocks have moved over 15% in the last two weeks – Orchid going up nearly 50%. The Nifty is up about 4% since.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks to your posts,have made some handy profit in the recent few days. Any idea how much does twitter charge for sms’s to India? My operator seems to be deducting more.