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Infy Q4-2008 results are out.


Infy Q4 2008 results are out.

Sales are 4235 cr. (up from 3555 cr. last year same quarter, nearly 20% up). A QOQ increase of around 5%.

Net Profit is 1182 cr. (up from 1124 cr. last year, a 5% increase). QoQ the profit has been stagnant – last quarter was 1186 cr.

EPS has gone up to 20.66, from 19.96, which is a 3% increase or thereabouts. If you’re wondering why profit growth is greater than EPS growth, it means further dilution has happened due to more shares issued, which is through ESOPS in this case. Diluted EPS has actually grown around 5%, from 19.61 to 20.60.

Consolidated results: Sales 4542 cr. (up about 22% from 3772 cr. last year), Net Profit 1249 cr. (from 1144 cr., a 10% increase) and EPS up to 21.78 from 19.95, a 4% increase.

I would think this is fairly low, and initially I thought it was under the guidance of Rs. 21.38 per share but I was looking at standalone results. At a consolidated level they have beaten the guidance by a bit, but still, the picture is not impressive.

EPS for the year is Rs. 81.26, up from 67.59 last year. That’s around 20.22% growth.

At current prices of 1420 the P/E is 17.47. That may sound low, but let’s look at their guidance before we decide. More to come.


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