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Would you pay 65% commissions?

Some people do, it seems – to buy this Birla Sunlife ULIP – the first year policy premium allocation charge is 65% for a 15 year plan. The net deductions are more than that of course, but 65% is only the allocation charge.

You would think they may have no other charges in subsequent years perhaps?

Would you pay 65% commissions?

65% commissions and then some more each year. Someone has to be really drunk to agree to buy this policy.

  • Anonymous says:

    >For those ignorant masses, this is the best drink administered by their agents. It is simple “security as well as return”. The agents get 30% commission. I know of an agent who even gave the family a trip to Mahabaleshwar after they signed for ULIP.

  • Anonymous says:

    >My citibank Relationship manager sold me this policy & I bought it.

    Now I’m realising my mistake….Should have read the papers, so I turmn out like a fool so posting as anonymous

  • Anonymous says:

    >@2nd anonymous: Dont lose heart,there are many liek you (myself included) and guess what? for me also it was the citibank relationship manager who fooled me:(

  • Anonymous says:

    >dear all,
    this mnc can fool us for some time only,innocent customers oneday understand this cheating.only time can tell us.