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Month: June 2007

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Buffet on risking what you shouldn't

Warren Buffet makes an incredibly interesting speech in Florida – a 1.5 hour video courtesy Harshit – . A snippet about his thought on Long Term ...

Filling out Income Tax Return forms (Common stuff)

This post details instructions on how to fill in the ITR forms. The following sections are common across ALL ITR forms (Forms 1-4) relevant to individual ...

U.S. fundas that are different in India

The number of Indian financial bloggers are few and far away, and when you search for financial information you might hit more U.S. based bloggers who tell you ...

Saral has been replaced

In continuation with the Income Tax Forms post, I have seen a notice dated 14.05.2007 on the Income Tax Dept. site that talks about how Saral (Form 2F) has now ...