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Filling out Income Tax Return forms (Common stuff)


This post details instructions on how to fill in the ITR forms. The following sections are common across ALL ITR forms (Forms 1-4) relevant to individual taxpayers.

Note: I will, in another post, link to an excel file for download that you can use to fill in fields easily.

First, fill out personal information at the top of the form.

Filling out Income Tax Return forms (Common stuff)

In this section, what is important is your PAN (Permanent Account Number). If you don’t have a PAN, please apply for it now – you can apply online or read the FAQ.

If you use the excel sheet, note that you can do the following:

Filling out Income Tax Return forms (Common stuff)

Next, you must fill out the Filing Status
Filling out Income Tax Return forms (Common stuff)

Three things to note:
1) Assessing officers’ designation, ward and circle can be obtained online. Go to the Income Tax web site and choose About Us|Organisation and Functions|Field Offices _> your nearest field office. On the page displayed, choose Jurisdiction and browse into the section that applies to you.
2) The section you file returns will be one of the following codes:
11: Filed voluntarily before 31/7/2007 (applies to most of us)
12: Filed voluntarily after 31/7/2007 (must file before 31/03/08)
13, 14, 15: Filed in response to a notice from the IT dept. (See section 9 of instructions)
3) If you’re filing a correction to an earlier return you must enter the date and receipt number of the earlier return. Always keep your receipt number and this date handy so you can file corrections later if necessary.

In later posts I will explain how you must fill individual forms : ITR-1 and ITR-2. For ITR-3 and 4, the fields are common but you’ll need to use an accountant or a Tax Return Preparer since this involves calculation of business income and/or partnership income.


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