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Investing in stock markets – a roundup

Investing in stock markets is not rocket science, and is definitely not an art form. A disciplined approach can yield good returns that can be above your market average.

But how do you go about investing in stocks? This post will be a collection of links to posts about investing in equity.


  1. Introduction to Shares, IPOs, Stock Markets
  2. How to buy stocks: Opening a brokerage account
  3. Different investment styles and what suits you
  4. Selecting companies: What criteria do you use?

Fundamental Analysis

  1. What is a P/E ratio and EPS?
  2. Tracking company performance, news and statistics
  3. Buying stocks in a downturn

Technical Analysis

  1. An introduction to technical analysis
  2. Using the MACD indicator to figure out trends
  3. Stochastics: a timing indicator
  4. Relative strength: Find out how your company does relative to the market

External links:

  1. Motley Fool’s How to Value Stocks tutorial.
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