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Stock Update: Balaji Telefilms


I recommended Balaji Telefilms on Aug 26, 2006 at Rs. 118, and reviewed it to a target of Rs. 175 within a year.

The price is now Rs. 161 and the company gave a dividend of Rs. 3.5 per share, bringing your net return at Rs. 164.5 per share. The current return is around 40% in 8 months.

The stock looks good, and earnings data should be out very soon. They haven’t revealed dates yet, but I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, I would recommend that at 50% gains (depending on when you bought the share, it went down to Rs. 110 in the middle) please book profits on 1/4th your holding.

But do your research – the stock’s moving up fast, and it may be better to go with the momentum. That’s your call.

Note: I’ve just started to sell, will sell upto 1/4th my holding by price of 175.


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