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New place, same blog

I’ve moved my blog’s location – you will now see that this blog is hosted at:

Nothing’s changed, and the old links will still work. But just a new place that I can really call my own blog!

You might ask – what’s Investraction? Frankly, it is going to be a web site. A comprehensive web site that will host my blog, further articles that I will write and eventually, a complete package of tools that will help you become a smarter investor.

But its not yet ready and right now nothing’s been remotely done. But I expect to get some work done slowly (and steadily) and eventually will announce it here.

Tell me what you would like in a financial web site – yes, we will have stock quotes and mutual fund NAVs. But we’ll have a LOT more than that! We’ll allow you to compare funds based on annual expenses, entry loads, and load adjusted returns. We’ll allow you to build portfolios online and see how you have fared. We’ll even set up mock trading so that you can see how to buy, sell and trade online.

When will this be ready? Very soon. I’ll post a progress map and will add features as more and more people request them.

I hope that this way I will help build smarter investors. And at least for the near future, everything will be free.

  • Anonymous says:

    >Hi Deepak,

    I am a regular reader of your blog and find it very useful and informative.I highly appreciate your efforts and wish you good luck in your step towards building a comprehensive site.Just wanted to know how will it be different from or other similiar sites

    Thanks ,

  • Deepak Shenoy says:

    >Most sites are too cluttered and dont show enough data for the investor – plus the portfolio leaves much to be desired (no dividend/split/bonus information etc.)

    I expect to be different in the sense that I’ll focus on how to identify potential investments and how to analyse stocks – in a very basic way…well, actually, let me build the site and show you 🙂

    Thanks for the wishes,Anshul!

  • Madhab says:

    >Hi Deepak,
    I am regular reader of your blogs, and they are a great source of knowledge for newbies.. Your blogs stands out bcoz of their lucidness.. So I hope on the way to create you own web site to give all good information, the quality of your postings will not be compromised..

    All the best

  • Anonymous says:


    ran into your blog while searching the net. Appreciate your knowledge sharing for free especially in an area like this.

    I know this is corny but I’d really like to know what can 1 do with a lump of money saved over a few years, which is nowadays too much for a fixed deposit and too little for a real estate purchase.. This is actually for my mother who saved up like crazy over the years and now finds it difficult to manage the savings.

    I understand systematic investments etc, but what in a situation like this?

    Any Ideas?? Gold??

  • Deepak Shenoy says:

    >Keerthi: what kind of risk is your mother willing to take? It looks like she already owns the house she lives in – so housing is not an issue.

    In that case she will need cash flow from her money to manage her expenses. Youcan opt for a monthly income plan – Like HDFC Monthly income or Reliance MIP, which typically have given about 0.6% as a monthly dividend, and have some exposure to equities as well (about 20%).

    A little more aggressive approach would be to take a balanced fund, like HDFC Prudence which will give her more equity exposure but that has a much higher downside as well.

    The “how much risk” question is answered like this: If her savings go down by 20% will it affect lifestyle and future commitments? (medical etc.) If it does,then the equity exposure must not be too high. (If she has other money to take care of that stuff, then risk here can be greater)

  • uday says:

    >Hi Deepak,

    Could you please post your advice regarding present IPOs (PFC, Indian bank and Mindtree). Your views are great as always.

    Thank you

  • Anand says:

    >Hi Deepak,

    At the outset hearty comgratulations on putting together simple yet meaningful information. I have been a regular follower of your articles over the past month or so (that was the first time). I was impressed at ur evaluation of GBN. All the best for your new site. I am sure it will be HIT!!!

  • hari says:

    I am an investment fanatic, and have fallen in love with this blog. I am still younn(24) and love to aggressively invest in stocks.Could you please advice me on the same. I want to learn and find out how to evaluate a company,invest in in stocks (which I have already done and had some profits too).But I want to be like you in the sense that I want to take independent calls(like you have taken on BHEL and Nifty BEES).Please advice me on those lines.My email id is mail me what you feel like so that I can invest in stocks. For example I read your article on PE/EPS, I understood a little. But I was not able to understand the other half. In all please advice.