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LinkFest #1: How to select a fund, Managing Investments etc.


This is going to be part of my LinkFest Series: A set of links organised for you every week.

How to select a Diversified Mutual Fund – Personalfn
If you have been confused about how to select a mutual fund which invests in equities, this article is a good start. AMCs perplex their investors with too many schemes, and then advisors complicate the matter by giving advise based on the commissions they get (rather than the best fund for investors). Let me add some links for you:

Managing your own Investments – Value Research Online
A simple way suggested to manage your fund investments.

Twice a year, try and get an idea of whether the mutual funds you own are doing roughly as well as most of their peers (the same kind of funds). You don’t have to have funds whose past performance is absolutely the best (in fact it is dangerous to do so). As long as they are better than perhaps two thirds of other funds (that is, they are in the top third), it’s fine.

Again, excellent advise. If you are older and need constant money, do check dividend regularity also.

Index funds by Personalfn
An introduction to “passively managed” funds which simply trace an Index. Such funds have beaten every other fund in the US, but it’s not been so in India. Until 2006, of course, when index based stocks have shown a lot more momentum than the midcaps. A good area to watch.


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