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ULIP NAV comparison table

Plan Oct 6, 2005 Oct 6, 2006 Growth
SBI: Horizon 15.590 24.420 56.64%
Sensex 8,528.700 12,372.810 45.07%
Kotak aggressive 14.745 21.192 43.72%
Reliance Life (Equity) 14.724 21.105 43.34%
HDFC-Standard: All ULIPs 35.043 50.143 43.09%
ICICI-Prudential: LifeTime Plus 16.440 22.990 39.84%
ICICI-Prudential: LifeTime Super 30.860 42.790 38.66%
Nifty 2,579.150 3,569.700 38.41%
Bajaj Allianz: Unitgain plus 17.621 24.188 37.27%
Metlife Multiplier 12.474 16.646 33.45%
Kotak dynamic 18.795 24.699 31.41%
aviva Saveguard growth 18.970 23.988 26.45%
Max New York Growth 13.920 17.420 25.14%
TATA AIG Growth 14.218 17.660 24.21%
ING Vysya Growth 12.204 14.712 20.56%
Aviva Lifelong 24.459 28.375 16.01%
Birla Sun Life – Enhancer 19.427 22.384 15.22%
  • sandeeparya says:


    I am very new to the world of Investment. I am going to join a job and looking forward for the proper investment plan.

    I have heard last year that there was a ulip policy called Jeewan Plus. Somebody told me about that.

    The details I was given were that if one invest 1,00,000 Rs continiously for 3 years and then just 180RS for say 30 years he will get Rs. 1 crore or more (I do not remember actual figure) after 30 years with Rs 5 lakh insurance coverage.

    Is that true. Next if it is true that what kind of Policy do you suggest for both type of investments:

    1. Short term investment
    a. Growth
    2. Long term investment
    a. Pension funds
    b. In name of child

    I do not know but after one year I am planning to invest about 1 lakh per year in my personal savings/investment.

    Please suggest. You can drope me email on my email address:

  • Mohan C Nair says:

    >Hi Sandeep,

    I dont know whether i should answer your query or whether Deepak should. Even if i answer (Apologies Deepak) i am sure Deepak will not differ my views. ULIPS get a clear thumbs down. Visit for soft views on ULIPS and then visit for hard reviews.

  • Deepak Shenoy says:


    BTW, the Jeevan Plus plan is closed now. You can only buy Market plus. Let’s assume its the same thing.

    Also Rs. 180 a year will buy you about Rs. 2 lakhs of insurance at your age. At age 52 (the last year of your term, you will have to pay Rs. 5,000 for that same 2 lakhs!) In ULIPs your mortality charges vary year by year, and increase as you age.

    Calculating your returns: If your funds grow at around 13% a year, then you will get a crore after 30 years. But remember, one crore after 30 years is equivalent to 17.4 lakhs now (considering 6%) inflation.

    You would be much better off if you took a term plan for Rs. 5 lakhs (about Rs. 1500 a year) and put the rest into an ELSS fund. (As Mohan said, it’s not worth the effort 🙂 )

    – Deepak

  • sachin waingankar says:

    >hi , i came across kotak flexi ulip and prudential icici life time super ulip. of these two which is better, you can also recommend any other of your choice based on 1) high guaranteed returns or 2) hight market based returns or 3) combination of above both. kndly specify. waiting for your comments.

  • ULIP Investment says:

    >Well.. ULIPs have many advantages.
    Mortality charges in ULIPs turn out to be less than Term life insurance.
    There are ways with which you can invest in ULIP and get the returns within a month.. (through check!!).
    These returns are on and above the units that are purchased through your investment.
    check out

  • Deepak Shenoy says:

    >Mortality charges are less in ULIP than term insurance but ULIP mortality charges increase every year! Term insurance charges remain the same through the term. For a 25 year old in a In a 30 year ULIP, mortality charges can be as high as Rs. 2000 per lakh when you are 55 – from a low of Rs. 150 per lakh at 25. term insurance stays at about Rs. 300 per lakh if you take hte policy at 25, and stay on for thirty years. So at 55 you pay nearly 10 times the amount as mortality charges.

  • BlogMaster says:

    >Hi, I have a quick question. Am contemplating investing into either HDFC Std Life Insurance – Unit Linked Endowment OR ICICI Prudential – Life Time Super funds.
    which is a better buy, in the sense who has lesser charges or better returns in long term.
    i looked at both their illustrations for Rs 30K P.A Premium for 3 yrs. HDFC looks better @10% return calculation.
    What do you suggest?

  • Deepak Shenoy says:

    >If you’re investing, why not consider a Mutual fund instead of a ULIP? Buy an ELSS plan that will give you tax savings, and a term insurance to cover your insurance needs.

    That will involve just 2.25% charges or so, much lesser than any ULIP.

  • Deepak Patil says:


    It will be useful if you provide returns from the top performing mutual funds (equity diversified and ELSS). That way we can compare them with ULIP returns which you have shown for the same time period.

    Deepak Patil

  • Deepak Shenoy says:

    >Good point, Deepak, shall try to get that up as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am a new investor in equity market. I heard compared to mutual fund, ULIP gives better returns only in the long run , say 20+ years. Is this true?
    I was also told that the ULIP charges are at 1.5% compared to 2.25% for mutual funds. When you can have both insurance +investment together, why not go for it?


  • Anonymous says:

    >Buy any ULIP but not Max Newyork Life ULIP. All the ULIPs from their stable are waste.

  • Anonymous says:

    >Buy ULIP from ICICI, HDFC or LIC only. May be for a particular ULIP product you can have a look at Baja Allianz ULIP also.

  • avani says:

    >i have one confusion so could you advice me about my mutual fund icici prudential life time supen plan, I already paid first installment so could you give me advice this plan is good for me ?
    just tell me how much i will get after 5 years?


  • Deepak Shenoy says:

    >avani: There are no guarantees in ulips, so you have no idea how much you will get after 5 years. I don’t like ULIPs so I wouldn’t recommend them at all but you’ll have to figure out whether it works for you – find out the current NAV and the number of units you hold. Compare that against the amount you paid and you’ll see if this is worth it…

  • Anonymous says:

    one of my friend who is keen in market moves put a large chunk on MFs and direct stakes,which he thought could build big corpus. like many he dint believe in insurance.. unfortunately his untimely death cost a good amount to his family since it happened during a market correction. sure, if he was alive, would have made large money. but the accounts were sigle owned and closed at a great loss. had he bought ULIPs or atleast term plans his family would have got 5 times his investment for sure… while cursing ULIPs due to entry loads, its better to check for new products that comes as low as 4.75% entry load and 1.5% FMC compared to 2.25%entry load and 2.5%FMC (this will eat your money more in the long term)of MFs. “Nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so”.
    for a layman ULIPs are not that bad thing if he is looking long term.

  • Tamal says:

    >Don’t buy Max Newyork life ULIP. Its the worst.

  • Anonymous says:

    >this happens when you have half baked are comparing mangoes and guavavas.all the funds you had compared from the different companies have different equity allocation. so please make sure they are homogeneous in the equity and debt allocation before making a table like that and misguiding others.

  • ajay says:

    >you can try for life invest product of maxnewyork life ins.the same had lowest charges you can verify from site of if you want more details you can get from me also
    ajay shah

  • Anonymous says:

    >This is what an acquaintance had to say when he heard about a few suicides post the current market crash.

    The current market is best suited to people who have bought Max New York Term Plan. Even when you commit suicide after one year the sum assured is paid to the nominee.

    So borrow and buy futures, then commit siucide claim your money and get the best IRR on investments.

  • Dr Md Irfan says:

    Your Blog is really useful & i'm learning a lot about investment here and i need to solve a big problem now! It might be from deepak or anyone!
    I'm a practicing Doctor aged 32,I just want to discuss here all about ULIP!
    Can you help me by showing the idea what shall i do for all 8 ULIPs? All agents told me just paying for 3 years is enough, many of them are my friends & relatives so i couldn't neglect them, now came to know that 3 years is not enough, came to know & realized i did something stupid by listening to my friends & i have questioned them all & asked for solutions but they haven't gave me anything. Well, Past is past! now i'm in need of permanent solution! Is it possible for you to help me by telling how long i need to pay for all these following ULIPs based on their individual performances now for getting good returns for life! So that i can arrange & shape up my financial situation! If i surrender a policy how much can i get from them – After 3 years & after 2 years?

    1. ICICI Prudential Smart Kid RP Flexi Growth started from 14/05/2007 (2 years finished), per year i'm paying Rs. 60,000/-.
    B) MetLife MetSmart Premier Multiplier – two policies
    2. One Started from 27/12/2005 (3 yrs finished), paying Rs.7,568 per term i.e Rs. 30,272/ year.
    3. Another started from 31/3/2008 (1 yr f), paying Rs.12,500/6 months i.e. Rs. 25,000/ year.
    4. Aviva Save Guard Growth Fund started from 27/12/2006 (3 yrs finished), paying Rs. 12,000 / year.
    D) Max NewYork Insurance – 3 different policies
    5. Max NewYork Amsure Secure Returns Builder started from 10/2/2007 (2 yrs finished), paying ~>Rs. 15,000 / year.
    6. Max NewYork Life Base Policy – whole life (for my 1st child) started from 5/6/2008 (1 yr finished), paying Rs.5,000 / year.
    7. Max NewYork Life Base Policy – whole life (for my 2nd child) started from 5/6/2008 (1 yr finished), paying Rs.5,000 / year.
    8. ING Vysya Freedom Plan started from 14/4/2007 (2 yrs finished), paying Rs. 15,000/ year.

  • rajnish bhola says:

    >Dear sirs ,
    I am a detail financial planner and deal into various types of ulips and other savings instruments.
    The solution for ulip cannot be obtained mear by getting ur answers by mail, as all five fingures are never equall so the need for investment for an individual depends from person to person.
    I can solve each persons problem and can suggest without any obligation ,
    so in case u need any solution kindly contact me at 9871302921 or mail me at
    Thanks from Rajnish Bhola.

  • anurag says:

    >hi nice blog i jst wish to know ulip wid health insurence is good or else any health general insurence pollcy .

  • Anonymous says:

    >I wanted to invest 5lac for 5yrs ppt,And for 1cr cover in child plan of Maxnewyorklife SHIKSHA PLUS2 (ULIP) OR Metlife MET SMART PLATINUM.
    Which is better?


  • Anonymous says:

    >I HAVE INVESTED IN idbi fortis capital guarenteed fund ULIP scheme for 5 years term the money invested till date has gone down what to do

  • mission says:

    >Kindly advise How Statement is calculated when a Ulip Policy is re-instated from a lapse status.

    The already acquired Units in the Past will be re-valuated on the date of re-instatement ?

    Is IRDA allowing such a calculation or return that means it is Looting?

    Awaiting your kind advise