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India Investment Blogs


As improbable as it may seem, you’ll want to read more than my not-so-humble opinion on Personal Investment in India. Here’s a list of places you can go to:

Journey to wealth by Amit
An interesting take on investments, though not updated very regularly (I know, people with glass houses…). Amit writes refreshingly well on subjects close to my heart, like real estate, stock market investing and the like.

Person finance in India – the not so obvious stuff
Vivek Venugopalan talks about taxes, banking, stock market investments etc. His take on “How to get financiall organised” is a good refresher – heck, I need to do some of them things!

Investment Guru by Rajesh Soni
Largely about stocks and IPOs, Rajesh dwells on company information, general stock news, and IPO updates. An interesting take for value investors.

Value Stock Plus by “Toughiee”
A well maintained, constantly updated blog about investments, largely links to articles elsewhere. The author works quite hard at updating posts and consolidating sites you, as an investor, should visit.

Arpit Ranka
Arpit provides an analysis of the behaviour behind investing, and lets your mind wander as he talks about intuition, reasoning, prediction, luck and so on. Interesting reading, and a financial perspective keeps material in scope.

Value Investing by Rohit Chauhan.
A well written blog on the fundas of value investing. Professing to be a Buffet fan, and quoting Ben Graham, Paul Fisher and so on, Rohit writes lucidly about value investing in India. Yes, there are some long paragraphs that stem more from his inability to induce correct formatting by blogger than from a fear of line breaks. But the site’s well worth your time, and will hopefully continue to be as good!

ULIPs and MFs by Raj Gopal Vuppala.
A more recent blog about investing in Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) and Mutual Funds. I personally don’t like ULIPs but Raj comes across with strategies to invest if you’re still hooked to the idea. He asks that you avoid endowment plans (a financial trap) and evaluate charges before you buy; something every investor must drill into herself to do.

Rupee Manager by Umesh Ladha
Umesh writes about Personal Finance for the young reader – the early twenties, I would imagine. Some of the concepts in there like TWINVEST and the like are quite interesting…it’s a fairly new site, but I think it’ll evolve.
That’s it for now. Post me more links if you like some other blogs!


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